From ambitious beginnings as the 英国教师中心 in 1968 to today’s bet3365娱乐场手机版, a major force in education improvement on a global scale – under the leadership of Patrick Brazier, we remain focussed on our mission to transform lives by improving education around the world.


成立于1968年, bet3365娱乐场手机版 celebrates over 50 years of transforming lives by improving education around the world this year. 半个世纪以来, the organisation's name has changed along with our people and leadership but what has stayed the same? Our commitment to raising standards in education; our investment in education from revolutionising ELT in the 1970s and 1980s to our comprehensive programme of education research today; our charitable status and strong social purpose.


Tony Abrahams founded the 英国教师中心 in 1968 with the objective of helping British teachers working abroad. 活动集中在德国, the organisation's vision was not only to recruit English teachers but also to offer them professional and welfare support within a structure that they would not otherwise have had.

今天, our range of services is far wider but we are still renowned for our English language teaching expertise; our centre of excellence is in Brunei where we work closely with the government to deliver a bilingual education in all government schools.


The appointment of Neil McIntosh in 1991 marked a new era for the organisation that had become a registered charity in 1976. Previously chief executive of Voluntary Service Overseas, Neil saw the potential for international operations and steered the organisation with a new mission: to contribute to education in developing countries. 在整个1990年代, we developed our expertise as a manager of aid-backed reform programmes in developing countries. 结果就是今天, CfBT Education Trust is uniquely experienced in aspects of education reform and in the relationship between public and private sectors in education.


The charity won its first contract in the UK in 1993, successfully bidding to manage school inspections on behalf of Ofsted (the Office for Standards in Education, 儿童服务及技能). 今天, our expertise in inspections is world renowned.

We continued to expand our 英国业务 delivering the Labour government's Literacy and Numeracy Strategies, teaching in young offender institutions and offering careers guidance services. 1999年在尼尔·麦金托什的指导下, CfBT acquired its first school which marked a new departure and today bet3365娱乐场手机版 owns a portfolio of fee-paying schools in the UK and South Africa. To reflect the organisation's diverse portfolio of global activity, 这个名字, 英国教师中心, 2006年正式更名为CfBT教育信托.

In November 2012, 史蒂夫 Munby took over as chief executive. 史蒂夫, former chief executive of the National College for School Leadership, kept the teacher-learner relationship at the heart of everything that we do and lead the organisation forward to fulfil our mission of living in a world where everyone's life can be transformed through excellent education.


2017年8月, Patrick Brazier took over as Chief Executive; Patrick joined bet3365娱乐场手机版 in 2013 as International Director before becoming Education Services Director overseeing programmes in the UK and around the world. 加入教育发展信托之前, Patrick worked with the British Council for 23 years; he is expert in programme leadership and the management of multiple large-scale projects across wide and diverse geographies. 在他的领导下, bet3365娱乐场手机版 will continue to work with governments and policymakers to help ensure that a quality education is available to all.


We changed our name from CfBT Education Trust to bet3365娱乐场手机版 in January 2016. CfBT was established in 1968; since then we have done an amazing amount of great work and we are proud that our international growth has continued from a strong starting point. Due to this growth and diversification of our expertise, 这个名字 CfBT is no longer representative of who we are or what we do. We are delighted to bring all the best of CfBT – our people, 我们的经验, our ethos and our expertise – to our new company name, bet3365娱乐场手机版.